When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Propose


For all those of you who have been in a serious relationship for a while and are looking to pop the big question to your partner, the two most important questions perplexing you are when and how. How you plan to do it depends a lot on the likes and preferences of your beloved, something that will take her by surprise. However, getting the timing perfect might make all the difference to your proposal.

So, when is the best time of the year to propose? Winter or summer? Speaking to a few couples and gathering a few prevailing trends of over the years, here’s what we’ve found out.

Nailing the Right Date

There are a few days that have piped the others into becoming the best dates to make your proposal. Here’s a short list of them.

  • Valentine’s Day: This is a day that celebrates love. It celebrates relationships. Hence, there is no better day to ask your beloved to spend the rest of her life with you.
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: Coming in at number 2, close behind Valentine’s Day, is Christmas Eve and Christmas day. The festive season has an abundance of love and romance in the air. Christmas Eve tends to be a more popular choice than Christmas day.
  • New Years Day: A new year is a new adventure in itself and asking someone to marry you on this day is like embarking on a new journey. There’s no better way to start the New Year than making new relationships and strengthening the older ones.
  • Birthdays: Although the most popular, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve tend to be somewhat predictable. If you really want to keep the suspense, get down on your knee on your beloved’s birthday promising to grow old with her each year. There is nothing that will surprise her more and make her day more special.

The Best Season of The Year

Looking at it in the larger picture, summer is the season for weddings. The climate is warm and pleasant and proves to be just the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Spring is for budding romances. It is fun and flirtatious. The best season for proposals is winter. It is when you make lifelong commitments. The seriousness of the season reflects in the seriousness of your decision to take your relationship to a whole new level.

We are not the only ones to make this claim; most jewelers report a sharp rise in the sale of engagement rings in the weeks leading up to the winter holidays. The simple reason behind winter being the popular season is because there are so many holidays. The festivities bring near and dear ones together allowing you to make things truly special. Besides, it is also a practical choice; get engaged in winter and married in summer.

As we end, just a small piece of advice. Don’t only restrict yourself to a particular date or season. Choose a date that is meaningful to the two of you.


When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Propose


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